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Ever questioned yourself, “Why on earth are you memorizing stuff you’ll never really remember or are hardly going to use?” We feel for you. Are you amongst the ones who despise the set up and working of the education system? We know the pain too. Team Ueureka is here to defy the working of the education system and provide you with an interface that students require for better conceptual understanding of problems. We are here to provide a platform through which students can learn and remember - because our website provides you with problem statements of companies that will help you learn through practical exposure.

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand" - Confucius

So let’s make you understand the perks of participating in a challenge on UEureka


You get to learn with a practical viewpoint which you will remember your whole life and which will help you solve other problems in a much better tactful manner.


Present your projects to various corporates and build your own network.

Showcase Your Skills

Participation will not only enhance your skills but will also get them identified by companies and make you get noticed.

Team Spirit

You learn to work with team members of diversified skill sets and capabilities.

Win Prizes

You get to win lucrative prizes if you win the competition. It could be cash prize, gadget et cetera.


UEureka Brand-up challenge
Rewards: Cash upto Rs10k
The Apocalypse Fighter Challenge
Rewards: Cash upto Rs.3k
Vedanta Foundation's The Creator Challenge (Registration Closed)
Rewards: Cash upto Rs.15k

Frequently asked questions by Students

How do I benefit by participating in such competitions?

Participating in the challenges such as case study competitions or several other competitions like coding and software development or content writing competitions will make you ready for the competitive world. Learning theories and formulae aren’t always useful. What today’s world requires is to be a step ahead of others. Everyone knows ‘what to do’, but a few know ‘how to do’. These challenges not only make you ready for the corporate world but also teach you through a practical approach.

What can participants win?

The company will decide the prize offer for the winning participant or the team (if it’s a team based challenge). You can win prize money, cool gadgets, travel tickets, Internship offers et cetera.

What will be the duration of a challenge?

The duration of the challenge (timeline) will be mentioned on the challenges page.

Do students need to make a team or can they participate in the competition as individuals?

It will vary from challenge to challenge and mentioned in the Rules & Guidelines of each challenge. . Though if it is a Team challenge, we strongly recommend that the members of the teams should be of diversified skills.

Frequently asked questions by Companies

How do you benefit from Ueureka?


custom Challenges with ease



communities in line with your goals and interact directly with them


the most innovative proposals, select and evaluate the most promising projects



and evaluate the most promising projects


your innitiatives to a wide audience


the talents of tomorrow and give life to lasting relationships

Why will the students participate in these challenges?

Students spanning across all education sectors feel the need for a platform where they could apply their knowledge and skills. Apart from the prizes, participants can get awesome internships altogether. The corporates today want students that not only have a great CGPA but also knowledge of how things actually work. They want people who can actually do it. Corporates do not want people who say “I can’t do it" or “I don’t know", rather, they want employees who take challenges head-on.

Participation in these challenges will give the students a head start compared to the rest.

During placements they will be able to physically showcase their skills through these challenges and add weight to their CV .

Aren’t students less exposed to the corporate environment to solve the problems faced by the companies?

These challenges will help companies filter out students who are genuinely interested in their respective subject/domain.

Interests and dedication of the students will be seen which eliminates the major problem while recruiting employees.

Participation would result in a variety of ideas coming out from students and for corporates the much needed 'Out of the box' ideas.

What will be the duration of the challenges?

The challenge’s duration will be decided by the particular company and will be solely their decision. During the challenge, a company is free to choose the way it wants to get involved in the challenge. It can coach teams, video chat with candidates, give them suggestions on how to best tackle the problem or it can just participate in the selection phase and the voting of projects.

Can a company create a challenge in partnership with other companies?

Yes, the company may create challenges in partnership with others.

How is the challenge promoted?

The promotion of a challenge will be done as soon as it is online, and ends a few weeks after the prize-giving ceremony. Many means of promotion are implemented by the Ueureka team to advertise the challenge to the largest number of students possible. Do not hesitate to contact Ueureka for more information.

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